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How the Site Works

The site is built upon a few simple premises:

  • For summer camps, staffing is one of the most time-consuming, costly, and most important components of their off-season activities.
  • The process of finding a job at a camp is equally difficult and frustrating to prospective employees. It often involves responding to individual printed advertisements which offer little timely information about the specific needs and attributes of the camp.
  • The Internet, with its immediacy and interactivity, provides the perfect medium for a low-cost solution to the problem of camp staffing. Much more than just another way of connecting camps with prospective counselors, CampStaff has the potential to offer these services with unprecedented ease.

Both camps and job candidates submit extensive amounts of information with their CampStaff registration. This information is stored in our database and made available to registered camps and job seekers via our search feature. Our site saves everybody time and money as they look to fill and find jobs because they have the information needed to only pursue fruitful paths.

Camps won't need to send expensive materials to anonymous job candidates about whom they know very little. Job seekers finally have a convenient, one-stop, interactive location for finding summer employment.

How We Work for Job Seekers

A prospective job candidate visits our web site and completes a simple but comprehensive registration form. Once registered, the applicant can now elect to search for camps using a variety of criteria. For example: John Doe wants to work in New England at a coed, traditional camp that is looking for baseball and/or water skiing specialists. His search may yield a dozen camps. He can now browse each camp to determine which seems right for him. As John doe goes through the list, reviewing camp profiles and browsing their websites, he decides on a few camps that appeal to him. With a simple 'click' he can email his profile to his choices. Using this profile, camps can determine how desirable John Doe is as a lead and how best to pursue him.

How We Work for Camps

A camp needing staff visits our web site, completes a simple but comprehensive registration form, and pays a fee for service. Once registered, the camp can now elect to search for staff using a variety of criteria. For example: the camp needs several counselors as well as activities specialists with experience in water sports and activites. This search may yield many job seekers. The camp can now browse each candidate to determine possible staffing matches. As the camp goes through the list, reviewing job seeker profiles, the camp can select the candidates that have potential and with a simple 'click' the camp can email these candidates with invitations to apply for jobs at the camp.