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Over the years, we've received hundreds of unsolicited emails and phone calls from camp directors who just wanted to let us know how much they loved CampStaff. Here's a sample:

" Holy Cow!!!!!! I was crying tears of joy ... my hiring worries are over! Thanks for providing such a great service! "
-- Joanna L.

" Once again just showing why you are so much better than the rest ... We have had more great camp staff from your site than any other "
-- Mark D.

" Campstaff is working out great for us. It has really given us the opportunity to reach many more potential staff than we could before. Plus, it gives staff a chance to know what they're getting in to before making a commitment. We are really happy! "
-- Tricia D.

" By the way, the saving categories of profiles thing ROCKS!! It's like you got in my head and knew exactly what I wished was the one other thing campstaff.com could do. Very cool!! ... Just reminded me again that you guys are really right on when it comes to camp staffing, something I already knew. "
-- Emily G.

" You are a God send ... wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service! "
-- Michael C.

" I have filled most of my last minute positions (five female counselors, a unit leader, and a waterfront director) with decent candidates - over the course of four days - all as a result of the Direct Email that was sent last Thursday. I just wanted to say thank you! "
-- Karen B.

" [I got] 41 emails since I left the office yesterday at 4:30 p.m.! Thank you! I'm so glad I did this ad much earlier than last year. I should have some great applicants that I can interview when I go on the college job fair circuit next week. This was a huge help. "
-- Sarah R.

" Thanks for the excellent email and overall service. I've been making use of the 'search profiles' option and have been able to send out lots of applications for specific positions. "
-- Sara T.

" Your website was AMAZING for us this year. I think we hired almost 50% of our new staff through CampStaff. "
-- Deb D.

" I can't tell you guys how great your program has been for our camp. "
-- Howard R.

" We are once again flooded with qualified applicants! Thanks! "