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It's About Quantity and Quality

Most likely, your camp already has its own webpage. If so, then you've already learned that the early Web adage "If you build it, they will come" does not hold true today. With millions of Web sites online competing for attention, we now realize that company or individual homepages need additional advertising to attract users. CampStaff can help bring attention to your camp. We aggressively advertise nationwide in University publications as well as directly mailing Career Services Offices on over 300 campuses. Acting as a clearinghouse for camp job openings, CampStaff attracts college students interested in summer employment and can offer them a link to your more comprehensive Web site. We are another vital tool in your advertising campaign

The Last Word: Efficiency

Placing expensive print ads requires a certain gamble on your part with regard to who will see them. But with CampStaff, we're doing the leg work for you, bringing qualified and interested staff to our site.

We do more than find them. We also automate the filtering process for you. When people contact you through CampStaff, they already know a lot about your camp, and your staffing needs & requirements. When you're conducting the search, you separate the wheat from the chaff by simply reading staff profiles. No unnecessary expenditure of time or money, and no following dead-end leads.