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How Do I Find a Summer Camp Job?

First, you register with CampStaff. Registration is quick and easy. You will be asked to submit your name and some basic information about your job qualifications, experience, and preferences. This allows camps to find you and contact you about camp jobs that are available. The only people who will ever have access to your information are legitimate summer camps who have registered with us. Remember, there is never any cost to you for using CampStaff , regardless of how much you use it.

You can find camps that offer great summer camp jobs two ways. The first is simply by Browsing. Browsing lets you look through entire categories of camps, such as all camps in New England. You can browse all the information that we have about each camp in our database.

The second and more powerful way to find camps is to use our search form. Search for camps using the criteria of your choosing. Once you find a list of camps that meet your criteria, you can send your personal information directly to camps with the click of a button.

Sometimes, jobs can even find you! Camps are able to search for job seekers by their qualifications, interest and skills. Camps may contact job candidates that meet their selected criteria, this way you hear from camps that are genuinely interested in you. Since they can see your qualifications, interests, and skills even before they contact you, you will only hear from camps who are genuinely interested in you!

If you are registering as an international job seeker, we suggest you also contact an outside agency to handle international paperwork (visas, travel, etc.).