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History of CampStaff

We recognized a long time ago that college students were beginning to use the Web as their primary source of information, and email as their preferred method of communication. At the time, college campuses were among the few places that provided fast and free access to the Internet. Now, of course, we all know how many Americans go online to do research, order music, communicate with friends, and, yes, hunt for jobs. CampStaff was the first service to encouraging camping professionals to tap into this technology as a means of efficiently staffing their camps with quality counselors.

In 1996, CampStaff was launched by two camp professionals who understood the need for an efficient and effective way of staffing.

By staying ahead of the technology curve, and by truly listening to what camp directors need, CampStaff has remained at the forefront of the Internet staffing world. Whether you hire 15 or 150 counselors a year, you'll want to give us a try. We guarantee that you'll like what you see.